"We are continuously one step away from commodity hell."

"How can marketing take a leadership role, make technology work for marketing?"

"Our Best Customers must be our core business."

"We must be customer centric, tear down our silos."

"All organizations inhibit growth."

"To have sustainable profits requires a strong core business."

"Who is our best customer, why, what do they expect, how do they want to buy?"

"We cannot be second."

"Speed to market is key, but how do we get there quicker?"

"I know I need to better use technology, but we are not there today."

"Our technology is lagging."

"We must deliver short-term results while addressing long-term strategies."

"We don’t really know what our customers need."

"Better lead generation is critical for this year."

"New products, new channels, best customers."

"We must outsource to problem solve."

"We are in a new marketing world with outdated marketing skills."

"Too early, too late — what is the right strategy for all these new technologies?"

"New Products should represent 40% of my growth plans, but I have only two new concepts in the pipeline."

"You understand our culture — only way we can address successful changes."

"Failure to gain share in core will lead to decline."

"We spent $2 billion on different technologies to help create sales."

"We need to think outside the box — no time, high perceived risk, too much tactics."

"We can gain half a billion dollars in lost sales if we could cut our "best customer" attrition by 50%."

"How can I be okay in implementing the new marketing?"

"Too many bosses, lots of opinions on what works/does not work, what segments are most important, etc."

"Meetings, meetings, meetings — no time to get important things done!"

"We must face the chasm of change."

"We are in a 10 X Change marketplace environment."

"Brand is under pressure — no ROI."

"No time for learning."

"Connect us with someone/something new!"

"We are not problem solvers — we are still selling products."

"Solve my problem — do not bring me off-the-shelf pre-packed ideas."

"We need new ideas! Innovation."

"We do not know how to really execute on the brand experience."

"Who is our target? Really."

"We do not listen to our markets."

"We have to get better at "touch point" strategies."

"Customer experience is the brand — how much do we really know?"

"Speed to market — competition, channels, new products."

"Marketing is becoming bipolar: Sales and brand are not on the same page."

"Customer facing chaos."

"Marketing leadership."

"We need to understand and use best practices."

"Little experience, and even less training."

"Little experience for a multi-faceted complex marketers’ world."

"Maximize the ROI on my spending."

"Give me useful target information."

"Mass to Target — reality, reasons, road map."

"Shortage of good marketing skills."

"ROI — pressure for performance."

"Marketing is in ER — stabilize, focus, perform."


"New Products?"


"Job Security?"