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The Swat Insights Process

Swat Team believes in the “best student” credo. Thus, we've created a proprietary learning process designed to give our clients unique Insightsinto their marketing problem and the dynamics involved in finding a solution quickly.

The Swat Insights process starts with understanding the problem, i.e. What Keeps You Up at Night? From there, we concentrate on listening to and learning from the many “Voices” of the marketing issue, including:

Voice of the Customer
We identify and listen to the decision-makers.

Voice of the Marketspace
We talk to decision makers across the broad linkage of a potential market. (e.g.OEM > channels > distribution > service providers > competition > influencers > end users)

Voice of the Futurist
We meet with those who specialize in trends, new technologies, breakthrough ideas, etc.

Voice of the Executive
We leverage what we learn from other C level executives.

Voice of the Competition
We get to know exactly whom you're up against.

Voice of a Specific Issue
We consider the technology, science, patient care, etc. – learn what are the best practices, leaders, influencers on a specific subject.

No other company in the industry looks across as many different perspectives with a process as in depth as the Swat Team.No wonder over 90% of the executives we talk to every year call us back.

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