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Tomorrow's Trends Today

Where is marketing headed? What are its latest trends? What's tomorrow's strategic silver bullet?

To better understand what the future holds, we meet with CMOs and Senior Leaders at over 100 top companies a year. We also talk to over 30 of the most brilliant minds and think tanks in the world. From these unique conversations, we get uncommon insight into trends, future scenarios, disparate connections, influences and much more.

This is one aspect of our proprietary Insights learning process that looks at marketing problems in new and unconventional ways.

Swat Team Partners Future Thinkers

Nicholas Negroponte – Founder, MIT Media Lab

Juan Enriquez – Leading author on the future impact of DNA

Dr. William Hazeltine – Founder of nine BioTech companies

Michael Hawley – Van Cliburn Prize, MIT Media Lab, Explorer-National Geographic

John Seeley Brown – Emeritis Director, Parc Labs

Danny Hillis – Thinc Inventor, computer futurist

Alexander Tsiaris – CEO, Anatomical Travelogue, Inc.

Dr. Mel Levine – World expert on learning disabilities

Dave Gallo – Director, Explorations, Wood Hole Institute

Wade Davis – Explorer-in-Residence, National Geographic

Dr. Peter Corr – Head of Research, Pfizer

Bran Ferran – Head of Disney Imagineering

Stuart Brand – Whole Earth Catalog

Matt Groening – Creator of The Simpsons

Dean Kamen – Inventor: Segway, dialysis machines and more

Frank Gehry – World Class Architect

Lou Dorfsman – Hall of Fame Art Director – created CBS eye

Li Lu – Leader of student uprising at Tienenman Square, 1989

Roger Mandle – President, RISD

Horace Deets – Executive Director of AARP for 25 years

MIT Media Lab – Future thinking in technology

Harvard – Across multiple disciplines

Cal Tech


National Geographic – Publishers, Explorers-in-Residence, et al.

Bell Labs

Sarnoff Foundation

Parc Labs

John Kotter – Leadership Chair at Harvard Business School

John Perry Barlow – Songwriter for Grateful Dead

Alph Bingham – Head of Research Strategy at Lilly

Joe White – Dean of Michigan Business School for 10 years

John Rosenblum – Dean of Virginia Business School for 15 years

Reed Tuckson – SVP at UHC – Medical Care

Richard Wurman – Founder TED, written 85 books

Tod Machover – Media Lab music genius

Laurie Garrett – Gates Foundation Fellow

William McDonough – Architect, Environmentalist

Keith Bellows – Editor, National Geographic Traveler

Kerry Mullis – Nobel Prize chemistry

John Abele – Founder, Chairman, Boston Scientific Corporation

Keith Black – Magician

Jacqueline Novogratz – Founder/President of the Acumen Fund

Dr. James Watson – Discovered DNA, Nobel Prize Winner

Ben Saunders – Youngest person to walk to North Pole

Dr. Amory Lovins – Director, RMI

Ivan Chermayeff – Hall of Fame Graphic Designer

Steve Jurvetsen – Draper, Fisher, Jurvetsen

John Doerr – Kleiner, Perkins

Marketing Thought Leaders

Ted Levitt – Harvard Business School

Walt Salmon – Harvard Business School

Michael Porter – Harvard Business School

Don Schultz – Northwestern

Fred Reichheld – “Customer Corridor,” Bain Consulting

Seth Godin – Bestselling Author and Marketing Expert

Larry Wilson – Founder, Wilson Learning, Pecos River Learning

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