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What Sets Swat Team Partners Apart?

Find out why Swat Team Partners is unlike any consulting company in the marketplace today.

We’re experienced professionals.
We don’t rely on templates to find an answer. We reinvent the solution based on unique needs.

We have no favorite technology or vender affiliation.
We recommend what’s best for our customers. We won’t try and sell you products and services that don’t fit.

We focus on your strategy first.
We identify or help develop the business strategy. Then we determine what is needed to meet the business demands.

We work within your culture to identify and resolve issues.
We get your people involved in the process so they own the solution.

We have strong relationships with other pros who can add value as needed.
We are agnostic. Our mantra is to find the best resources and expertise for our clients’ needs.

We’re the best students of large companies, multiple brands.
We are very experienced with retail, health care, technology and marketing services industries.

Our CMO relationships at many key companies give us insights and best practices.
We have access to other CMOs who’ve faced similar situations so you can learn from their experiences.

We’re effective team builders in complex environments, coordinating many partners to work together as a team.
We're experts at coordinating technology providers, agencies, media providers, web developers, call centers, etc., to ensure you have a total solution.

We are practitioners of integrated marketing strategies.
Our partners all have experience in the tools of integrated marketing – database, direct marketing, technology, channels, loyalty programs, sales strategies, contact strategies, online marketing and e-Commerce.